George W. Bush trying to pretend Katrina never happened on his watch…

by attending the observance of the anniversary of brutality towards African Americans.

It’s been almost ten years since Katrina hit…and George W. Bush flew over and posed for a photo-op.…before safely heading back while people were without food, shelter, and being shot by police if they dared to leave.  Katrina facts here.


“George Bush stayed on vacation. He didn’t get back to work. When the worst natural disaster in our nation’s history attacked us, George Bush STAYED ON VACATION. Why did the federal government stumble so badly on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday? Because on Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday, George Bush stayed on vacation in Crawford, Texas. On Monday and Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday and Friday, vice president Dick Cheney STAYED ON VACATION in Jackson, Wyoming. On Tuesday and Wednesday and Thursday, Sec. of State Condi Rice WENT ON VACATION in New York City and went to a splashy Broadway musical and bought obscenely expensive shoes. She went shopping,” Michael Giltz of AMERICAblog wrote September 5, 2005.


Not a cup of water.  Freaking looters toting water! /snark

Why was George W. Bush there??



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