WATCH: Single mother of two lives in $1,000-a-month garage

When you think about the guy who put up the billboard blasting people for wanting livable wages…does this lady come to mind? How about equal pay? How about that she was canned from her job when she was pregnant?

Global News

The sky-high cost of real estate in California’s Silicon Valley has forced a single mother of two to live in a single-car garage for $1,000 a month.

The 250 square foot converted space has hardwood floors and a small bathroom with a standing shower.

“I live in a garage, and it’s probably more sanitized than most people’s bottoms,” Nicole Jones told CBS.

Jones moved into the garage after staying at a women’s shelter.

In a profile produced by CNN late last year, Jones said she lost her job when she was pregnant with her first child, and realized that homelessness doesn’t discriminate.

Jones said she makes decent wages as a bartender, but not enough for anything bigger than the garage. And the highly competitive rental market in the area made it even more difficult for her to find an affordable apartment in a safe neighbourhood.

The housing crisis in Silicon Valley is well…

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