Spirit of Jesus in Action…Pope treats homeless like human beings…

Story here.  Boy, it’s been a looong time since I’ve seen someone of the cloth actually act like Jesus.  I don’t mind telling you that I shed a few tears over this story.

And of course, there are the shopkeepers and probably bankers too, who are complaining about the homeless.  There are simple solutions to their complaints.

1.  The Bathroom problem.  If the Vatican could build some public toilets to accommodate them.  If they couldn’t manage the plumbing, then how about composting toilets emptied daily into compost piles?  Radical, I know.

2. Building tiny houses for the homeless so they have shelter and don’t have to sleep in sleeping bags.  Unless, of course, they would prefer it that way.  I know this will come as a shock to some folks, but some homeless are more comfortable in “their” world than in “our” world.  They could not find their niche in this society, so they dropped out and are satisfied with that.  Sound of different drummers.

3.  Offering them some form of work in exchange for a meal or pay.  Handing out prayer books is a great way for them to give back and feel needed.  It would be better if they could also earn a little bit doing some work.

4.  If they are mentally ill, getting them into a compassionate hospital.

When I was searching this, I came upon an article that blew me away.  Right here in Indiana, the city of Indianapolis has adopted a Homeless Bill of Rights.  I’m shocked, I tell you.  When I worked for the Health Dept., I was with my former boss as we walked down by The Circle, in the heart of the city.  She told me to ignore the homeless people begging for money.  She actually said, “They dress better than we do.”  Unbelievable.

But…before you get all warm and fuzzy about it…the State is still very much doing their best to make sure people never get out of poverty, as I talked about before with Food Stamps — they start taking away food dollars if you make $200 or more per month.  And I asked about going back to school….the counselor said they would dock my food stamps if I went back to school.  I was stunned.  She said that there were details –like you had to work so many hours, and then you would be able to keep some food stamps.  I am totally serious.

So…you would have to work when that time could be used to either take more classes, or study so that you could get good grades.  For me personally, I would have to have that extra time to study because if I went back to school, the career I had selected requires 3.0 GPA, just to be considered.  It’s a highly competitive field of 300 applicants with only 60 accepted.  Yep.  One would have to take out student loans just to eat….


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