Thank You to Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia

Truly stunning account of how funneling money away from public schools when demanding more of teachers and especially the children is detrimental to intellectual, emotional, and likely physical well-being. Forcing little children to wait to use the restroom, with the predictable accident, is beyond cruel.

Parents United for Public Education

It was an honor to speak for the clients of PILCOP during their Annual Gala –  A Celebration of Civil Rights. The work that is being done here is vital to ensuring civil rights are being addressed, inequities corrected, and inclusion for all. Here are my remarks:

Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you at your magnificent gala.

As Amy Laura mentioned, I am the mom to three fantastically smart, active, and independent children who attend Philadelphia public schools. My husband, Curtis, and I are transplants from Missouri and are public school graduates.
My story begins 9 years ago, when my oldest started 1st grade. We did our research, met with the school principal, asked a lot of questions, and sent him on to our neighborhood school. After our initial anxiety, what we found were experienced dedicated teachers, a library, knowledgeable and caring counselor, and nurse. Our school…

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