Tort Reform – Another Lie

Steve Cohen has this piece up on the lies of Tort Reform — insurance companies pushed through legislation that severely impacted a patient’s ability to collect for malpractice.

He illustrates that the things insurance companies said would happen — didn’t.  The doctors still used as many tests as before they were protected from malpractice.  This is the same stuff that allowed Big Pharma to be protected from lawsuits of their flawed vaccines.  When you review the history, it was because of lawsuits that Big Pharma was protected — and the thing is, nobody questioned vaccine safety or effectiveness at this important junction!!  All Big Pharma had to do was scare the pants off of people that they were going to quit making vaccines…and voila!  they were given immunity from prosecution when they should have be examined for why their products were causing so much harm.

You can see where Tort Reform is going to lead us…when we already have up to 98,000 people die in hospitals due to malpractice…it’s going to be the vaccines story all over again.  Doctors will feel empowered to be more careless– less concerned with being held liable.

It’s a myth that doctors are being wrongfully sued.  Or that everyone whom has a legitimate concern sues.  I didn’t.  And I had a good case against them for my severe reaction to Synarel and Seldane that I blogged about here.

As Cohen addresses, the insurance industry has lobbied for attorneys’ fees to be on a sliding scale, according to the overall award given to the patient.  And in this whole scenario, it’s the patients that lose.


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