Positive drug tests for welfare recipients lower than general population

ThinkProgress has an excellent post up on the prejudiced drug testing law against poor people asking for assistance.  This flies in the face of the Koch Party beliefs that food stamp/welfare recipients are losers doing drugs and getting food stamps so they can use their money to support their habit.  In other words, useless eaters as Rush Limbaugh and supposedly Hillary Clinton have said.

Look at all the money they spent on testing!  As the authors states — that money could have been used to help these folks instead of humiliating them.  But they give the legislators more credit than I do — the mean spirited Koch Party doesn’t give a rip and they probably were trying to humiliate these folks on purpose so they would not apply.  I’m telling you that they put up so many barriers, and invade a person’s private life so much that this is another chip off of their self-worth.

And they say they want them to be self-sufficient?  Utter nonsense.  They do not allow you even a small amount ($200) of income per month before they take food dollars away.  That money could go to driving to places and putting in applications.  It could go towards medical care.  If one is lucky enough to have a car, it could go towards maintenance and repairs.

And as I blogged about before, I made $9,000 last year, and was still made to pay federal taxes to the tune of $493.  I could have used that money for all of the above.  Even go back to school with it (gas money).

But, no.  They make it nearly impossible to get out of poverty and become self-sufficient again, despite their false claims to the contrary.


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