More thoughts on CDC, DHS, and Health Depts.

Thinking about this whole mess of vaccines and Big Pharma and those in Congress who do their dirty work, my memory has been jogged about stuff that was happening at the Health Dept.

The day I got the job at the State Health Dept. I thought was the luckiest day of my life.  A good job with good pay.  Everyone thought I was very fortunate.

However, if I had known how much the Dept. of Hysterical Security was intertwined with the Health dept., I would have never taken the job.  They were pretty much running the dept., with the health professionals taking their cues from the head honchos at DHS.  My phone was tapped, my emails were being read — I was scolded for sending an gossipy email to a former coworker at the state hospital.  It wasn’t anything serious, as in divulging stuff that should be kept within the agency, but just little things about my day and my job.  I think I talked about how overwhelming the job was at first — I had a ton of material to read and ten health depts. to visit to go over their emergency plans.  But this upset my boss, so I had quit sending emails to my friend.

Anyway, one particular day, the other Information Officers and I were called to Indianapolis to touch base with our boss.  We were ushered into a room, waiting for our boss to join us.  Little did we know the room was bugged. Yep.  We were talking about what the epidemiologists had told me –that the positions were not permanent.  Our boss came bustling into the room and during the course of our meeting, said that the positions were permanent….we had not brought this up with her….so she had to have been listening to the conversation through a bug in the room.  It shocked me that our private conversation was listened to and from that moment on, my feelings about the job and my boss changed.

In addition, as in my previous blog, I asked questions about the local health dept. that I worked out of, and they were not giving people the information about DEET causing seizures and letting them make up their own minds about whether they wanted to take the risk, or use a non-chemical means to repel mosquitoes, such as citronella.  They took away a person’s autonomy, and this bothered me a great deal.

The epidemiologist (really smart disease detective) out of the office was highly suspicious of the folks in this particular dept.  She suspected something was going on by their actions.  She pulled me into her office one night, but made sure that they did not see me go into her office.  She even had me hide behind the door, leaving it open.  I didn’t know why until the director of the dept walked through the hallway – twice – going to “somewhere” and coming back in a few minutes.  You have to know the set up of this office to know there was no reason for him to be going down this hallway, since his office was around the corner and the outer door was closer to it.  The epidemiologist suspected they were monitoring her and I and she was proven right.  We found out later that there was something going on with the FEMA guy associated with that office — he was double-dipping — getting paid for FEMA work while getting paid for something else.  I had left the job by the time this was discovered, so I don’t know the details.

Let me take a moment here and say that I really admired the epidemiologists and other health professionals at the State.  I don’t know whether they felt the same way that I did about DHS overtaking the dept.  We never talked about it.  Hell, they would have been canned if their phones were bugged.

A disturbing episode happened when a food worker was diagnosed with Hepatitus in Marion, Indiana.  It sent everyone that had eaten there in a panic.  We had to organize a clinic to immunize people whom had been exposed.  (knowing what I know now, I would have taken my chances if I were them).  Anyway, folks were lined up for blocks to get into the building.  They filled out their paperwork, and waited their turn to see a nurse who gave them the shot.  I and my coworker were in charge of creating a message for the media.  Messaging was very important to DHS.  They had sent people from Washington and the CDC for this small event in Indiana!  I can’t even put my finger on it, but there was just something about this that bothers me to this day.  There was a guy from DHS whom reminded me of a Nazi when I first saw him.  He had the stiff posture and demeanor and standard haircut that I associate with Nazis.  I did not get a good feeling of him.

So…yeah…a lot going on behind the scenes.  I thought people should know just how much the DHS was involved with the CDC and the local health depts., because I don’t think people have a grasp of it.  Combined with Big Pharma’s grasp over the CDC and FDA…scary.

What had seemed like a dream job quickly turned sour and I left after three months.


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