Never have online attacks on women been more visible, more denounced, or more effective

I would expand this out to encompass women in Communications, as well. There was definitely a testosterone aura of the newspaper I was at. I was even told that there would be raunchy jokes, etc., before I was hired. I said “as long as it’s not directed at me, I don’t care…”  *** But then it was like I was the killjoy….

***and I really did care because I’ve been harassed at every job I’ve had since my first job at fifteen, with the owner’s son, the manager, looked me up and down and said he was going to go home and “jerk off”.  I was a very, very naive girl and didn’t know what “jerking off” meant.

***And I have been on feminist boards and been flamed by them for expressing an opinion differently than they –such as not endorsing Hillary Clinton for President when they were all unanimously cheerleading for her.  I was actually booted off a feminist website for saying that Hillary Clinton was no Shirley Chisholm.


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