In honor of the Blue Jay

You know, when I subbed for a kindergarten teacher, we were talking about animals and one of them was the Blue Jay.  One little boy spoke up and said they were aggressive birds and he let it be known what terrible birds they were.  Instinctively, I knew that either he had been perhaps dive-bombed by one or had a parent that hated them.

I didn’t have my bird feeder out at that time, but to my recall, I didn’t see them as particularly aggressive.  So, I’ve been studying them a little more carefully, and I can say that they’re not any more aggressive than any other bird.  Actually, I have seen them get a bite or two of seeds, then leave the feeder, allowing the smaller birds their turn at the feeder.

I had also read that the Blue Jay mimicked a hawk’s cry.  I found that to be true when I saw the ever-present squirrels out at the feeder.  (Don’t get me started on squirrels…greedy little buggers.)  Anyway, I heard the Jay make the hawk’s cry, and I surmise that it’s to scare off the squirrels, so they could get a bite to eat!  Smart birds.

We also have one that will come and “notify” us that the feeder is empty.  He comes up to the chair on the porch, and sits there crying out until we put seed in the feeder.  Haha.

So, no…I don’t share the little boy’s condemnation of the Blue Jay.  If anything, I admire their cunning, their fairness, and resourcefulness.


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