Hunks of plastic found inside Fraser River steelhead

And here we go, folks…our plastic obsession is coming back around to bite us….

Global News

WATCH: Anglers around BC are being urged to report any foreign objects they find in their catches. This comes after two Chilliwack fishermen discovered bits of plastic and garbage inside of the steelhead they hooked last week. Jeremy Hunka reports.

Jordan Butt has been fishing the Vedder River for years, but what he saw on February 13 after catching a steelhead was a first.

“I hooked a seemingly normal fish, it was a good eating-sized fish,” he says. “I noticed there was a gravelly feeling inside…I started scooping it out, and it was just piece of plastic after piece of plastic.”

“Disgusted is the only way I can say it. It was so unnatural, to see a fish feeding on something that would inevitably kill it.”

image The pieces of plastic Butt found inside the fish that he caught on the Vedder River on February 13, 2015.

Dr. Peter Ross from…

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