Continuing with Dr. Suzanne Humphries talk on her vaccine awareness

In case you didn’t go on to Part 2 of Dr. Humphries’ speech, here it is:

She explains in simple terms why vaccines don’t work —  they HAVE TO add aluminum to get your body to react to the vaccine, because otherwise the body recognizes the proteins in the diseases, and will not see them as an “enemy” to be dealt with.  This fact alone should be reason enough not to vaccinate.  It’s been a hoax from the beginning.

At about 25:00, Dr. Humphries speaks about mother’s milk and how vitally important it is to a baby’s health and immune system.  She states that breast milk contains substances that prevent inflammation and attacks cancer and other powerful enemies without causing inflammation.  Later in the video, she states that babies with genetic issues can be cured through mother’s milk.  This just blew me away.

Then she states that countries that have adopted the United States’ vaccine policy have seen cases of autism go up!!

Dr. Humphries then makes the observation that we Boomers did not see hyperactive kids in our classrooms….save perhaps for one or two kids that were “off”.  Older school teachers also state that they did not have hyperactive/mentally impacted children in their classrooms.  AND we boomers were performing at a higher level than the kids of today.

Further in the speech, she talks about how the mother’s milk changes a baby’s genes, and then she ponders the question of what vaccines are doing to our genes?  If the vaccine contains aborted fetal tissue and genes from cocker spaniels, monkeys, etc., how do these genes alter our own genetic makeup?

Dr. Paul Offit is mentioned.  Dr. Humphries calls him on his b.s. when he states on his website that aluminum is “good for you”.  Utter garbage.It is a known neurotoxin and has been seen in high concentrations in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients.  Why does this guy still have his medical license when Dr. Andrew Wakefield has lost his because he started asking questions about MMR?

When Dr. Humphries speaks of the head of the CDC taking a job with Merck, she is speaking about Dr. Julie Geberding, whom is featured in the previous video speaking on CNN, admitting that vaccines caused autism.

I went through all of the videos, and on Part 4, Dr. Humphries talks about the HPV vaccine and how dangerous it is — relating to the earlier part of the speech, where she said that we have certain proteins that match the proteins of the diseases’ germs, the immune system does not recognize the boundaries between the body and the disease because the vaccine proteins have messed up the ability to distinguish them.  She says the way the HPV vaccine is manufactured is particularly susceptible to this, and has caused deaths because of it.  Criminal.  Just criminal.

She also mentions the reporting of adverse events with vaccines –just keep in mind that this is highly subjective and that many physicians deny vaccine reactions even when it is clearly indicated.  So the chart she shows is most likely underreported and the numbers are most likely much higher.  The physician doing the autopsy of the gal that died after HPV vaccination was not going to look into the vaccine as causing the death, and if the parents had not insisted, the true cause of death — the HPV vaccine, would not have been recorded.  Dr. Humphries emphasizes this, also, by stating only 5-10% of adverse reactions are reported.  This is why we need to question anyone who says vaccines are harmless.

As I’m listening to this speech, and the other information I’ve read on vaccines, I have to think about my own immune system and how I did not react in a “normal” fashion when the ear, nose, and throat doctor was trying to find out what I was allergic to.  He said that he knew I was allergic to something, because I had “blue veins” in my nasal passages, which apparently indicate allergies.  My son tested for mold and something else I can’t remember at the moment, and a daughter has tested positive for peanut allergies.  She used to *looove* peanut butter sandwiches, too.  (which I’ve blogged about before — it’s a strange thing with our bodies because we can crave the very thing we’re allergic to, and we can also crave the things we need.  I craved meat when I became vegetarian when my body needed the b-12 and other things I was not getting, apparently.)  Anyway, I never showed an allergic response, but here I am a Celiac — it was only AFTER I eliminated wheat, rye, barley, and oats (and lowered my intake of corn and rice) that my body violently reacted in the form of a migraine and gut ache, to the above.  And when i eat peanut butter now, I notice just a feeling of tiredness and my nasal passages swelling up.  That’s it.  No huge response as in sneezing, itching, difficulty breathing, etc. that one would expect.  The question is why?  Why do I not have the same immune response that is recognized allergic reaction?

The medical profession decided that antibodies were the keys to immune response, but that doesn’t pan out with the way my body reacts.  I had chickenpox at six months of age, so if they are to be believed, I should not have had the ability to fight it off. I should have died, by their accounts, but I didn’t.  Again…why?  How is my immune system able to fight off this stuff?  I don’t think the medical profession really knows how the immune system works because they have been so focused on protecting vaccination AT ALL COSTS that they have not truly examined what is going on with the body.

As Dr. Humphries states, the medical profession is responsible for more immune suppression than helping with immune function.  They have no clue about how much our food supports good immune systems, or we would be hearing more about diet and fighting off these diseases.  And hand-washing.  But no, the Big Pharma supported mainstream media is not telling you this….why?


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