Abandoned New York

The Observer has a post up on a book called Abandoned New York.  I went to search the Grossinger Resort, and found quite a few blogs on it, including the author’s, plus this flickr link.  I’ve seen the Catskills in passing through on my own little Odyssey, circa 2007, and was enamored with their beauty.  Actually, I shouldn’t even be here, if my trek through the mountains hadn’t produced a surreal experience — I had $10 to my name, nowhere to stay for the night, so I drove around, lost.  It was 2 a.m., I fell asleep at the wheel, and was approaching a curve in the road.  I should have gone over the edge, but something jolted me awake, and I turned the car just in time.  Like I said, I think when I finally pass, my Guardian Angel is going to ask for some time off. 🙂

Anyway, I look at the photos of the abandoned property and sigh at those times and what has been lost.  Not that I think excess is the way to go, but that in those days nearly everyone had a decent paying job and the economy was doing well, and there were great places like this where one could go to enjoy themselves.  There was a sense of community.

On the flip side, I see the ferns and I am once again enamored at Mother Earth for continuing to renew and take back the structures.  A landscape architect told me once that if  land has been plowed for a farm or a housing development or a factory, that if you let it alone, it will return to a forest once again.  I have looked at things from that perspective, and find that it is true.  Nature continually tries to heal the “open sores” of our handiwork.

The author calls the Grossinger resort eerie.  I guess so.  But I also see life renewing itself.


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