I used to have a lot of respect for Elizabeth Warren…

…but after this farce of an “interview” ….I hereby change my opinion of her fairness and intellect and upholding the Constitution, which gives people the right to be free of government intrusion in their lives, and I believe this includes forced vaccination.

Warren prefaces this with parents lining up to get polio vaccines.  But what she does not say is that polio cases were already going down when the polio vaccination programs began.   She also insults the intelligence of anti-vaxxers by stating that we have “forgotten” how things were.

No, we haven’t.  We are not stupid, either, as we have done our homework and drew our conclusions from intelligent introspection.  Again, it is a matter of autonomy –being able to choose what is right for us without being forced, coerced, and bullied by the billion dollar a year pharmaceutical industry and the talking heads willing to do their bidding without a second thought.

Warren brings up the Pew Research study of adults, claiming that 80% of baby boomers agreed that vaccines were safe and necessary. I immediately was skeptical.  I went to the website, and there it was — a margin of error of at least 6% in each of the repub, dem, and independent groups, with a total of 3.6%.  This is junk science, folks!  Anything over 2% +- margin of error is questionable.  This shows the questions were biased and the study is terribly flawed and cannot be considered valid.  They were trying to use a poll of 1,000 (a small number for the size of the United States) and then trying to make it out as a large percentage of people.  It’s truly laughable.  I wonder who funded this “non-partisan” poll by Pew?  Big Pharma giving them some $$$ ??

Warren also makes the claim that it’s the younger generation who are against the vaccines, and now “measles are back”.  This is also b.s. because measles never went away.  If you recall in the previous vaccine posts, a pediatrician said that his measles cases had pretty much remained the same over the years.  He had not seen an uptick in cases.

Next, Warren asks if there is a link between autism and vaccines.  And Rear Adm. Anne Schuchat states no.

But, wait…they’ve admitted that autism was caused by vaccines in vaccine court:

Here is a video of little Madison before and after vaccination, truly astonishing to see:

And, here we have Dr. Julie Geberding admitting that vaccines cause autism:


Then Warren goes on to ask about toxins in vaccines.  Mercury and aluminum are toxic. And the flu vaccine STILL has mercury in it!  And even the ones that have mercury removed is a lie because there are still trace amounts of mercury in them.

A couple of videos on what ingredients are in vaccines:

What is really insulting is Warren’s question of whether being active or eating nutritious foods can make the kids immune.  This is a blatant misrepresentation of the facts of a healthy immune system, which requires non-chemical, non-GMO food and clean fresh air in order to thrive and fight off the germs.  Good God, listening to her, you would think that humans just *poofed* into existence since the invention of vaccines!

How in the world did our ancestors survive without vaccines?!

Dr. Schuchat lies and says that vaccines have been proven safe and effective.  They have not.  If anything, the evidence is mounting that they have serious side effects and are lacking in protection against disease, as we have seen with cases of measles in those already vaccinated and by the little girl that died of pneumonia CAUSED by flu vaccination.


One thought on “I used to have a lot of respect for Elizabeth Warren…

  1. Reblogged this on Dolphin and commented:

    Reblogging this — Madison still haunts me. She reminds me so much of my little boy when he was born — similar in disposition. I am just lucky that he was born before the big push for vaccines. I still feel guilty for giving the kids ANY vaccines. Humans survived for many generations before vaccines came into existence. Reading some of the ignorant comments saying that anti-vaxxers are killing babies by not vaccinating or speaking out against it is just insanity at its center. How come the United States, one of the most vaccinated nations in the world, is also the sickest…??

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