Keep plugging the petition against forced vaccinations **edited **UPDATED 9.16.15

We’re on our way with the petition against forced vaccinations.  It’s interesting that the petition to remove anything other than medical from the vaccine exemptions is still prominently displayed on the website, with only 211 signatures, while this petition, with 34,000+ signatures has been buried below –requiring one to click on the “allow” button to see all the petitions.

So I’m putting it up here again in hopes we can meet and exceed the goal.  We have a right to decide what goes into ours and our children’s bodies.  We have a right to all the information against vaccines that is currently being buried.  We have a right to know what goes on in “vaccine court” that is presently not being publicized.  We have a right to address Big Pharma and force them to acknowledge vaccine injuries and to be forced to suffer the legal and financial consequences.

**edited to add:  I’m adding the link to the National Vaccine Information’s page on pending legislation for all the states.

***edited again to add the page to Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreet’s death investigation fund for what appears to be murder.


UPDATE:  Well, as of July 28, 2015, they closed the petition.  This date is questionable because of new legislation giving the Pharma Gestapo more power by eliminating proof that a product is safe and effective before unleashing on to the American public; and by Rep. Posey going before Congress yesterday; and the news that there have been many alternative doctors winding up dead…especially in Florida.

With regards to Dr. Bradstreet’s murder (I’m calling it that), news has come out that he was treating autistic patients with GcMAF.  The FDA raided his office, specifically looking for any GcMAF that he might have, the patients that he gave it to, any and all files related to it.

A couple of videos:

(A note here–Dr. Doom has other videos out but I don’t feel comfortable putting them up.)

And a video explaining what GcMAF is:

There are two parts to this video.

Given the heavyhandedness of the Pharma Gestapo to force vaccination, disregarding a persons’ right to refuse medical treatment, given the George H.W. Bush*** Administration allowing HIV to be inserted in mycoplasma in vaccines given to the military and prisoners, and given that so many children have been seriously and permanently injured/disabled after vaccination…if Dr. Bradstreet discovered that GcMAF would counteract the horrible ingredients in vaccines…and the FDA (Big Pharma) raiding his office specifically looking for that treatment….

***correction from Clinton Administration, which also forced experimental drugs on the troops.

Well, you are intelligent enough to draw your own conclusions.

I’ve been reading about other dead doctors related to this, most notably Dr. Sievers, an M.D. who used natural methods to cure her patients.

UPDATE 9.16.15:  I found an interview of Dr. Bradstreet’s family here:

Also, gang, I am “sticking” this to the front page.  You’ll have to look for new posts beneath it.


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