Indiana giving factory farms rights to pollute and other bills to kill our state

among other things. SJR 12 is all about their rights…and nobody else’s, including the animals.  Animals should be respected as they give us life, but we treat them as if we give them life!

This, along with forbidding animal rights activists the right to record animal abuse, is too, too much.  You can see the influence of the Tea Party here — all about corporate farming, not about the people OR about small family farms OR about sustainable practices.

Next, we have HB 1351 that seeks to put a stranglehold on environmental regulations.  First day on the job, Pence signed this –Koch head that he is…..

I believe we should make a distinction between Repubs who don’t believe in this stuff and the Daniels and Pences of the state who only care about furthering their own agendas and own careers, at the expense of not only the state, but the country… perhaps we should just go ahead and call it the Koch party?  Koch brothers would hate that because they’ve tried sooo hard to remain under the radar…

And, finally, HB1320, which tries to thwart any efforts by Hoosiers towards renewable energy.

Our state has such beauty to it — especially our state parks, which are like moving back in time in Indiana before the Native Americans were forced out.  The beauty and serenity cannot be bought…and cannot be replaced, a la cutting down timber and then planting a few trees in its place.

We have so much to lose in this power grab by the Kochs.  The article on the Hoosier Environmental Council website fails to acknowledge the 17 million pounds of toxins flowing into our waterways every freaking year…and BP dumping mercury into Lake Michigan every freaking year, and the Whiting refineries…and the PCBs in the local river, which is also subject to mercury due to discharge from a local factory…the Wabash is already so polluted that there are those who say it is beyond help….I could go on…

We have so much to lose and only a few will gain by the above bills.  Hoosiers need to stand up against this –our children and grandchildren deserve that.


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