Privilege Comes with Such a Heavy Cost

I’ve only become aware of privilege in the last twenty years or so, and how I have impacted others. When I was able, I bought stocks in companies, not knowing how they treated their employees, whether the CEO made 400% of what the workers made, whether they polluted, etc. Now, I would not invest unless I knew all of that, and in the end, probably wouldn’t invest in corporations at all, but rather, small mom-and-pop companies. I have a firm belief that we are where we are supposed to be at any given time, and I think Carol was there for a reason, too. Perhaps she was guided there to experience what her ancestors experienced, or perhaps to bring her to write this story…or both. Awareness is the key, I think–aware of those that came before us, and will come after us, and that connection to the Creator that I personally find more in the wonder of nature. And the canoe rides? Loved it when I was at camp and first learned how to row a canoe (as Carol says – paddling equally on the sides), and the awe-inspiring scenery is just breathtaking. I am so grateful that I got to row a canoe again last year. It still brings a smile to my face now when I think of it. I would hope to share that with a partner sometime. And the best thing about canoes is that you’re not adding to the pollution by using a motor.

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

A few days ago, I intended to write a story using the metaphor of sharing a canoe to describe relationships. I spent more than half of my life with a partner I only accompanied on one canoe ride. He built canoes at one point during the years we spent together – works of art built of different colored strips of cedar. But he never took the time to learn how to canoe or build vessels that traveled well on the water. Traveling in a canoe with a partner is not like rowing a boat with two oars, where riders take turns being the one person who does the heavy work. There is usually only one paddle for canoes, although I carried a second just in case on this one and only ride. It turned out to be a wise decision.


Photo Credit: Wetlands

We set off through the…

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