Family with 4 autistic children excited for sensory-friendly movie screenings

Global News

HALIFAX – A Cole Harbour family said they are ecstatic about sensory friendly screenings starting Saturday at Cineplex.

Felecia Mae and Michael Outhouse have four children. All four have autism and one also has Down’s Syndrome.

They said the make-up of their family makes it challenging to go out to social events in the city.

“They’re very well planned and few and far in between,” said Michael. “In any sort of environment where there are large crowds of people and loud noises, it really limits us in what we can do.”

“Things upset them. They have a lot of sensory issues,” said Felecia Mae.

“We really choose the events wisely and they’re less frequent than we would like.”

The parents said that makes going to the movies a rare occasion for them.

Their son Ian, 9, is sensitive to sound while Eric, 7, who also has Down’s Syndrome, is…

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