8 million tons of plastic made its way to ocean in 2010: study

I can’t even wrap my brain around this. The plastic culture will choke the life out of us. Whenever I go to the grocery, the bagger is almost always insisting on putting SOMETHING in a plastic bag. If I’m not careful, that is. Usually I can catch them before they do it, and I get the “You don’t want plastic”? as if I had three eyes and two heads….
One guy I thought was going to have a heart attack because I refused plastic.

~~In relation to the toxic orange cloud story — a Fire Fighter in Fort Wayne told me once that they are particularly careful when responding to fires involving plastic, because it turns to cyanide when burned, and will drop you in a second.

Global News

TORONTO – Bottles, plastic bags, food wrappers and toys: they are all found in our oceans.

Though that’s no surprise, a new study that appears in the Feb. 13 journal Science, has concluded that between 4.8 million metric tons and 12.7 million metric tons of plastic generated from people living within 50 km of coastlines made its way into our oceans in 2010.

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Taking the midpoint, that number is eight million metric tons, a number that is astounding to the researchers.

“Having sailed and measured floating plastics in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans, I expected the amount of plastic going into the ocean from land to be big. But the calculation is staggering,” Kara Lavender Law, co-author of the study and a research professor of oceanography at the Sea Education Association

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