The rape culture…validated by law

A judge in Oregon has reinforced the rape culture by ruling that a 61-year-old pervert is not guilty of being a pervert.  He had taken upskirt photos of an innocent 13-year-old girl….but the judge says he didn’t violate any laws.  Un-freaking-believable.

It validates the rape culture by once again saying that a woman has no autonomy and a man can do what he wants when he wants.  I can’t even wrap my brain around a judge thinking this is okay.  At the very least, her privacy was violated!

And what was this pervert going to do with those photos?  The article doesn’t tell us.

…and this guy walks away free.

And he’ll do it again.  Guaranteed.  Men who don’t understand boundaries will continue to violate those boundaries.   He’s not sorry for his actions.  He’s only sorry he got caught.


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