NBC assigns investigator to look into claims made by anchor Brian Williams

You know, this is starting to take on the air of “swiftboating”…who did Brian Williams piss off?
Comcast is a sorry company that has the worst customer service record of all the communications companies.
Because, you know, allowing a monopoly on the market is beneficial for the “marketplace of ideas” and better customer service, lower rates….yada, yada, yada…none of which has come true.

Global News

WATCH ABOVE: One of the biggest names in media is fighting for his reputation. NBC Nightly News anchor Brian Williams says he changed the facts of an Iraq war story he covered in 2003. Jeff Glor takes a look.

NEW YORK – NBC News has assigned the head of its own investigative unit to look into statements that anchor Brian Williams made about his reporting in Iraq a dozen years ago, an episode that’s ballooned into a full-blown credibility crisis for the network.

A source at the network who requested anonymity because the person is not authorized to speak on personnel matters confirmed the investigation on Friday. Williams has apologized for falsely saying on the air that he was in a helicopter hit by a rocket-propelled grenade while in Iraq in 2003.

READ MORE: NBC’s Brian Williams’ credibility questioned after fake Iraq story

Richard Esposito, who has worked at the…

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