Buffalo: Teachers Union Official Thrown Out of Board Meeting When He Tries to Speak

Quote: Ian Be · Weirdo at BOURBON AND COFFEE
the most disturbing part of this video is the apparent fact that the police officer did NOT remove Mr. Gibson, but rather Mr. Gibson stopped speaking and removed himself after the police officer approached him. there is a paralyzing fear that grows from the regular operation of political processes, especially when the rules are re-arranged to benefit the rulers rather than the ruled. if a man is resigned to silence himself because those he speaks against deny his right to a voice, then nothing can change. effective action does not begin with acceptance of authority.
I think like most of us, we would have done the same. It’s apparent that if we are to save public education from the profiteers and hedge fund managers, civil disobedience is in order. Mr. Gibson should have sat down in his spot — pushing them to arrest him for…what? Wanting to speak at a public meeting? It would have forced them to acknowledge that they were violating a person’s right to have their voice heard. Mr. Gibson’s eloquent speech in the previous video shows what they were afraid of–he intelligently speaks truth to power. And they can’t have that.

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Watch the fascinating video embedded in this blog post from Buffalo, New York. Kevin Gibson, the Secretary of the Buffalo Teachers Federation gets up to speak. Board member Larry Quinn (yes, the same board member who was texting as a high school student was speaking at a recent meeting) waves to a police officer and has Gibson escorted out of the Board room. He was not allowed to speak. Democracy in action. Under what interpretation is a representative of the district’s teachers barred from testifying at a public hearing of the Board of Education?

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