Anti-oilsands activists in the U.S. are getting visits from the FBI

What it will say is that it only investigates potential crimes, not political movements.

“The FBI has the authority to conduct an investigation when it has reasonable grounds to believe that an individual has engaged in criminal activity or is planning to do so,” said FBI spokeswoman Ayn Dietrich.


Well, if memory serves me correctly, the FBI was investigating and harassing Martin Luther King, Jr. Even encouraging him to commit suicide after revealing they had secretly bugged his rooms while he was having an affair.
Next, we have the American Indian Movement, here in the U.S., and we all know how well that turned out….with FBI bringing armored vehicles in and sitting by while traditional Native Americans were being murdered by the GOONs –the nontraditional Native Americans.
So don’t blow smoke up my arse and tell me the FBI is investigating criminal activity. There is a long history of Big Oil and others using the government agency for their own ends.
Be on the watch for agent provocateurs, whether it be FBI or Big Oil thugs.

All these folks want to do is protect our land, our water, our air so that we and our children and our grandchildren will survive.

…and lastly, Ayn?  As in Ayn Rand, the sociopath?  You seriously can’t make this stuff up.

Global News

WASHINGTON – Unexpected visitors have been dropping in on anti-oil activists in the United States – knocking on doors, calling, texting, contacting family members.

The visitors are federal agents.

Opponents of Canadian oil say they’ve been contacted by FBI investigators in several states following their involvement in protests that delayed northbound shipments of equipment to Canada’s oilsands.

A lawyer working with the protesters says he’s personally aware of a dozen people having been contacted in the northwestern U.S. and says the actual number is probably higher.

Larry Hildes says it’s been happening the last few months in Washington State, Oregon and Idaho. He says one person got a visit at work, after having already refused to answer questions.

“They appear to be interested in actions around the tarsands and the Keystone XL pipeline,” Hildes said in an interview.

“It’s always the same line: ‘We’re not doing criminal investigations, you’re not…

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