Press Release: Vaccine Information Coalition

AL Whitney



February 3, 2015
Columbus, Ohio

Recently the mainstream media began reporting a measles outbreak that reportedly originated in California. Following this outbreak, stories about mandating vaccines have been released like the plague. Parents who do not vaccinate their children are being targeted and what appears to be a witch hunt is ongoing. On Jan 28, 2015, Alex Berezow, a member of USA TODAY’s Board of Contributors, wrote; “Parents who do not vaccinate their children should go to jail.”

Why is this happening? A growing number of men and women in America have recognized that our country has become a corporatocracy. That is, big corporations (be they military or medical) have the power to insure that policies are put in place that benefit them economically – first and foremost. Wellness is not profitable for the medical-industrial- complex; illness is. More and more parents are wising up and saying no to the profiteering being done at their expense.

In 1986 when Congress granted Big Pharma immunity from liability for the harm their vaccine products were causing, not surprisingly the number of vaccines manufactured and pushed by their friends in government – the CDC – grew appreciatively as did the rates of autism, allergies, seizures and infant mortality. While so-called government institutions did their best to cover-up this ever growing tragedy, some brave and heroic physicians and scientists have done their own research and have been doing their best to expose it to the general public – in spite of a complicit and many time vicious main stream media.

Mainstream media relies on the advertising that big corporations, like Big Pharma, buy to stay in business. The media rarely exposes the malfeasance of their customers. In fact to protect their own profitability they are actually accomplices in many cover-ups like the 2014 CDC whistle blower Dr. William Thompson story.

Many men and women have educated themselves regarding the medical industrial complex and are doing their best to protect themselves and their children from what has now become a parasitic and dangerous industry built on bad science – bought and paid for by corporate interests. In fact a world renowned medical researcher, Dr. John Ioannidis, did a thorough investigation and to his surprise found that as much as 90 percent of the published medical information that doctors rely on is flawed.

Many parents are also smart enough to know and understand that if vaccines were safe and effective Big Pharma would stand behind their own vaccine products and would not need immunity.

Today the campaign to push vaccines is nothing more than an agenda to increase profit for the medical-industrial- complex at the expense of everyone’ s health. And, since our health does not increase their profits, they have no motivation to protect it. Government institutions are not protecting the public from big corporations; in fact they are working with them. What we used to call ‘conflict of interest’ has become what is now openly called Public Private Partnership. Listen for that term. So-called government institutions use it all the time!

Smart and well informed men and women are doing their best to protect their children and themselves from the vaccine industry, whereas uninformed and naive men and women are not! Saying no to today’s vaccines any way you can is the only intelligent choice to make.

VIC (Vaccine Information Coalition)
Autism is 1 in 50 children today and it’s impossible to have a genetic epidemic!
Please learn from our mistake and educate BEFORE you vaccinate!


It’s important to note that physicians are not required to report vaccine adverse reactions.  That is a big problem, especially when the mass media and medical profession are claiming they are safe and effective.  I have read over and over again where a parent or patient calls the doctor’s office to complain of an adverse reaction and the doctor denies the vaccine had anything to do with it.  Or, in the case of my BIL, who got a flu vaccine and was in bed for a week, the doctor claimed he “must have already been coming down with the flu.”  Seriously.
So…if a doctor is not required to report vaccine adverse reactions, how can one say absolutely that they are safe and effective if they have not been reporting adverse reactions?
And keep in mind when I worked at the Indiana State Dept. of Health, they were not forthcoming with the information that DEET could cause seizures.  When I questioned why, I was told that DEET would prevent mosquito bites, therefore, less chance of transmitting West Nile Virus.  So the Dept. of Health withheld vital information that people had a right to know:  they could choose to use DEET and risk seizures, or they could choose to risk getting West Nile.  When I asked whether citronella (a natural mosquito repellant) was as effective as DEET, I was informed that yes, it was.  When I asked why the Health Dept. was not recommending it instead of DEET, the reply was that citronella would have to be applied every half hour.  So it was a matter of conveeenience.  They withheld information on a chemical that could cause serious adverse reactions, instead of informing the public about the issue and giving them their own autonomy to decide whether they wanted to risk it AND that there was a non-chemical alternative.
Here’s an article on the connection between DEET and seizures, six years after I was informed of this by the Health Dept.  Note that organophosphates are indicated in nerve damage, as well.   Where’s the outrage for this voluntary damaging of children?
Chlorpyrifos belongs to a class of pesticides known as organophosphates, which are designed to interfere with the way insect brains operate. They can also interfere with human brains. Some people are more sensitive to chlorpyrifos based on their genes, according to the EPA. – See more at:
567 children.  That’s more than five times the amount of measles cases right now.  Where’s the outrage?
The EPA never determined how many lives were ruined or lost as a result of harm caused by chlorpyrifos or Dow’s cover-up. Nor did the EPA ever open a criminal investigation to find out who at the company knew about the health problems or why they didn’t report them to the EPA. The EPA never determined whether responsibility for the cover-up extended all the way to the top of the corporate ladder or was limited to lower-level employees.
The EPA’s disinterest in investigating Dow was shared by Congress. A review of the Congressional Record from 1994 to 2014 revealed that only one Member of Congress — Senator Bernie Sanders of Vermont — spoke out about any concerns over chlorpyrifos. Congress’ indifference toward the chlorpyrifos poisonings stands in stark contrast to its recent grilling of General Motors CEO Mary Barra over the deaths of drivers caused by accidents due to faulty ignition switches.
It may no longer be possible to conduct such an investigation. The EPA has destroyed many of the relevant documents, according to spokeswoman Jennifer Colaizzi. – See more at:
So…Nancy off-the-table Pelosi and Mitch McConnell, where is your concern now?    Don’t you care about these children who were poisoned by Dow?
So, yeah, I’m not too keen on the CDC, which overseas all health depts., being honest about vaccines causing autism, seizures, nor the very disease they are supposed to be preventing.
And, don’t forget, the Dept. of Hysterical Security oversees the CDC.  That alone should scare the pants off people.

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