Brian Williams

I read about Brian Williams’ gaff on mis-remembering being shot at while flying in a Chinook helicopter in Iraq. Okay, I’m not a fan of Williams’ stance on vaccines or education (or at least what the NBC media owners tell him to say), but I cut the guy some slack, especially when I read of someone saying that he needs to go.


Then why is Hillary Clinton still thought of as a good candidate for President?

Lest we forget her tall tale of being under fire the moment she stepped off the plane in Bosnia….

But wait, there IS FOOTAGE of her under fire!

And she has tweeted that vaccines are scientific.  They are not.  There has NEVER been an independent, double-blind study of the vaccinated versus unvaccinated.  Read that again:  vaccines have never been proven through a scientific study of their efficacy (actually preventing disease) versus the unvaccinated.

Big Pharma claims this would be “unethical”.

Really?  Are they ethical when they have their insiders at the FDA push through drugs before they have been properly tested and the public have serious complications from such drugs?  I mean, really, one only has to see all the commercials by attorneys seeking victims of such-and-such drug to see there is a HUGE problem with drug companies.


Each year, about 4.5 million Americans visit their doctor’s office or the emergency room because of adverse prescription drug side effects. A startling 2 million other patients who are already hospitalized suffer the ill effects of prescription medications annually, and this when they should be under the watchful eye of medical professionals.


Are they ethical when they test their products on the poor?

Are they ethical when they torture animals?

If they refuse to allow a serious, independent study…my guess isn’t that they are concerned with ethics so much as they are concerned that the truth about vaccines not being effective, but harmful.

You can’t say that the disease rates going down are proof enough of vaccine efficacy, because they were going down BEFORE vaccines were made available.

Here is my post on my experience with Big Pharma drugs.  I could have died.


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