Two Exciting New Resources

Voices from the Margins

Carol A. Hand

Today, I would like to share news about two new resources.

A new ebook is available as a free resource for teachers here.


Michelle Ford, author and editor of the ebook, was inspired by her students to write down and publish the stories she tells during her classes. She asked other teachers to contribute and I was honored to be among them. Michelle describes the history and purpose of this new, free publication in English and Spanish.

What’s this? Thank you for downloading this e-book, which is free. This e-book includes stories and fictionalized life anecdotes written by English teachers in Spain for EFL students/learners, and stories by a university teacher in the USA who has recently retired. Other materials include teachers’ own explanations and insight about learning and issues dealt with in their lessons.

Las historias han sido escritas por profesoras de inglés en la enseñanza…

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