P.F. Chang being sued for surcharge on gluten-free food

Story here.  It is unconscionable that people with a serious disease like celiac are being discriminated against.  I have had this experience myself in a local restaurant where I was charged extra for gluten free items.  Note the fact that I am NOT charged less when I order burgers without a bun.  Telling, isn’t it?  Shouldn’t I be charged less when I don’t use a bun?  Or order chicken or shrimp without breading?

The problem is that restaurants look at celiacs as people who just want to lose weight by not eating carbs.  And unfortunately, people have claimed to be celiacs and ask for gluten free items, but when the items were not appetizing, they went ahead and ordered regular items.

In their defense, it is difficult to order good food that is gluten free.  But true celiacs are not going to order food with gluten because it can make them very ill.

You might recall the story of the gal who was celiac, but was in denial.  She also got fed up with not being able to eat good, delicious food out at restaurants.

So…she went on a binge and started eating pizza and whatever else she felt like eating.  If I recall correctly, it took her about a year before she ended up on a pizza parlor’s floor in agony.  She was rushed by ambulance to a hospital and ended up with bowel surgery for a ruptured colon.

If a celiac continues eating gluten, they will inflame their already leaky gut, weakening it to the point the lady above experienced:  a burst colon wall.

So the lady suing P.F. Chang is legitimizing celiac disease as a disability that deserves to be treated as such.  I hope that she wins, as I am hoping that all restaurants will begin to see it as such and stop treating us with disdain.


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