The Measles hysteria

So…NBC and CBS are hyping up the measles outbreak to be a dire situation….just like they have done with the flu “epidemics” in recent memory.  And the number of cases of this horrible, horrible, outbreak?  102.  Yep.  Mass hysteria for 102 cases of measles.

Now the President is even getting in on the hysteria.  Note that he doesn’t state any particular reason for getting a vaccination, i.e., a deadly disease….because measles is inconveeeenient, but it is not a deadly disease.  The measles vaccine, however….is deadly.

It’s hard to see the irony of 108 deaths from the vaccine…and 102 people whom have the disease…but aren’t dying from it.

It is unconscionable that health professionals, who know all this stuff, are advocating getting vaccinations.  Just mindboggling.

I thought I’d pull up past posts on measles:

Medical professionals and parents who refused forced vaccinations. Or wished they had.

More science and medical professionals who are refusing ALL vaccines.

UNICEF targets Dr. Sherri Tenpenny.

A story of a member of my mercury/autism support group posted her experience.

Mayo Clinic expert confirms measles vaccine flawed.


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