Mount Polley disaster blamed on foundation embankment failure: report

No, no, it wasn’t human error…we just forgot to factor in the geological setup of the land…oops, I guess it was human error.
Good Grief, how these folks are deluding themselves into believing that it wasn’t preventable and that now everything will be hunky-dorie….tralalalala…
…and when all the water and all the land is poisoned and can no longer sustain life…they’ll still be shrugging their shoulders wondering what happened.

Global News

WATCH: We now know what caused the disastrous collapse of the tailings pond at the Mount Polley mine. John Daly explains how these critical factors came together, resulting in the worst mine disaster in BC history.

Failure in the foundation embankment is what led to the tailings pond breach at Mount Polley site that sent millions of cubic meters of waste into Hazeltine Creek, Quesnel Lake and Polley Lake last year. That’s the conclusion of a report released by the B.C. government this morning.

An independent panel of engineers was formed to find out why the tailings pond burst last August.

The panel concluded that the dominant contribution to the failure resides in the design, particularly the glacial lake deposit in the foundation embankment that was not taken into consideration.

“The design did not take into account the complexity of the sub-glacial and pre-glacial geological environment associated with the perimeter embankment foundation,” said panel chair Norbert Morgenstern. “As the result, foundation…

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