Jeb Bush: Pothead, Bully

Scathing Purple Musings

David Martosko, the US Political Editor for the DailyMail has gone where Jeb Bush’s handlers wishes he hadn’t:

Jeb Bush, the newest front-runner among Republicans seeking their party’s 2016 presidential nomination, smoked marijuana in high school – an activity he describes as ‘pretty common’ at the tony Phillips Academy in Andover, Massachusetts.

He told The Boston Globe in an interview published ahead of Sunday’s edition that ‘I drank alcohol and I smoked marijuana when I was at Andover.’

Both activities were strictly forbidden at the time – and still are – and could have gotten him expelled.

But ‘it was pretty common,’ he insisted.

Bush, once a 6-foot, 4-inch high school senior, Bush was also seen as a bully by some of his classmates, notably one who weighed less than 100 pounds. Another said he was ‘a cigarette smoker and “toker”.’

I guess they knew all this was going to come…

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