Scott Walker: The Sound of Cowardice

Gov. Scott Walker, of the Koch Party, has actually compared the peaceful protestors in Wisconsin to ISIS terrorists who behead people and burn them alive….

If he’s afraid of moms, dads, nurses, teachers, fire fighters, police, veterans….then he has no business in the White House.  Only a coward would be afraid of the peaceful public raising legitimate grievances against their government.

More here on the “Death by a Thousand Cuts” strategy the Koch party is using against unions.  Note the Heritage Foundation’s involvement…most folks don’t realize every time they see a person from Heritage Foundation, they are seeing the Koch brothers’ goons.

In case you missed it, here’s the piece on the fight in Wisconsin right now with the “Right to Work” legislation.  This same law was pushed into effect by another Koch toadie, Gov. Mitch Daniels.  And Indiana is one of the lowest wage states now.

From the PRWatch article:


The argument that the bill would protect workers from “forced” unionization is a red herring. The U.S. Supreme Court has long stated that nobody can be forced to join a union, or be forced to pay unions dues, or to have their dues go to political campaigns. What current federal and Wisconsin law allows, and what the right to work law would make illegal, are “fair share” agreements and fees in union contracts that make all represented workers, including those choosing not to join the union, contribute to the costs of worker representation on the job. 

Sen. Robert Wirch (D-Kenosha) cut through the verbiage: “There seems to be a double standard here. The Chamber of Commerce insists that you pay dues to enjoy the services you provide. Do you care to elaborate?” Fitzgerald did not. The flustered bill sponsor had “no further comment.”

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Related to this is the Koch Party here in Indiana now going after construction job wages.


Supporters of the repeal say it would save tens of millions of tax dollars each year through an estimated 10 percent to 20 percent price cut on public construction projects by allowing more contractors to pay wages below union scale. Opponents argue the change would hurt many Indiana-based companies by opening the door for low-paying, out-of-state contractors to underbid on projects.


Anybody seriously believe this??  I personally want to know what buildings, highways, bridges, etc., are being built by minimum wage construction workers….because I will avoid them like the plague.  We’ve already dealt with this circa 1970s, when they were trying to go cheap on construction.  Reports here, here, here, and here.

Note that the bridge collapse in Washington was neglect of inspection.  This is just as bad as cheap construction by greedy contractors.

And let’s not forget the Bangladesh factory collapse….because owners who want everything cheap always make the rest of us pay.

Protesters march on Rapid City Hall for racial equality

Those of you unfamiliar with Native American history…as told by them, not white folk…I would highly recommend Wilma Pearl Mankiller’s autobiography, “Mankiller”. She is fair in her book about Cherokee and Native American history and portrays the depth of their history that I did not get in history class. I have the highest regard for Chief Mankiller, as she organized the Bell water project that gave them back some of the pride, community, and self-sufficiency that had been beaten out of them.

Warrior Publications

People take to the streets in Rapid City, South Dakota to protest racism, Feb 26, 2015. People take to the streets in Rapid City, South Dakota to protest racism, Feb 26, 2015.

In frigid, windy but sunny conditions, more than 100 protesters Thursday marched on the Rapid City-School Administration Center downtown as part of a movement calling for government accountability to resolve social injustices toward Native Americans.

The Thursday march coincided with the release a 12-page report by the Lakota People’s Law Project, “Native Lives Matter,” which asserts the U.S. justice system is responsible for those injustices.

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Thank You to Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia

Truly stunning account of how funneling money away from public schools when demanding more of teachers and especially the children is detrimental to intellectual, emotional, and likely physical well-being. Forcing little children to wait to use the restroom, with the predictable accident, is beyond cruel.

Parents United for Public Education

It was an honor to speak for the clients of PILCOP during their Annual Gala –  A Celebration of Civil Rights. The work that is being done here is vital to ensuring civil rights are being addressed, inequities corrected, and inclusion for all. Here are my remarks:

Thank you for the opportunity to speak with you at your magnificent gala.

As Amy Laura mentioned, I am the mom to three fantastically smart, active, and independent children who attend Philadelphia public schools. My husband, Curtis, and I are transplants from Missouri and are public school graduates.
My story begins 9 years ago, when my oldest started 1st grade. We did our research, met with the school principal, asked a lot of questions, and sent him on to our neighborhood school. After our initial anxiety, what we found were experienced dedicated teachers, a library, knowledgeable and caring counselor, and nurse. Our school…

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If you can stand it, more vaccine horror stories

…someone tipped me off to the H1N1 (swine flu) connection towards a horrible spike in miscarriages by pregnant women whom had the vaccine.  I found this.

700 percent increase?  And yet they were denying a connection?  WTH?  What does it take to notice there is a connection?  This is the issue I’ve been writing about –doctors and the CDC, which should know better, have not reported vaccine reactions even when they are clearly indicated.

So…the question is…what, exactly, does the CDC consider a reaction? Death?

Positive drug tests for welfare recipients lower than general population

ThinkProgress has an excellent post up on the prejudiced drug testing law against poor people asking for assistance.  This flies in the face of the Koch Party beliefs that food stamp/welfare recipients are doing drugs and getting food stamps so they can use their money to support their habit.  In other words, useless eaters as Rush Limbaugh and supposedly Hillary Clinton have said.

Look at all the money they spent on testing!  As the authors states — that money could have been used to help these folks instead of humiliating them.  But they give the legislators more credit than I do — the mean spirited Koch Party doesn’t give a rip and they probably were trying to humiliate these folks on purpose so they would not apply.  I’m telling you that they put up so many barriers, and invade a person’s private life so much that this is another chip off of their self-worth.

And they say they want them to be self-sufficient?  Utter nonsense.  They do not allow you even a small amount ($200) of income per month before they take food dollars away.  That money could go to driving to places and putting in applications.  It could go towards medical care.  If one is lucky enough to have a car, it could go towards maintenance and repairs.

And as I blogged about before, I made $9,000 last year, and was still made to pay federal taxes to the tune of $493.  I could have used that money for all of the above.  Even go back to school with it (gas money).

But, no.  They make it nearly impossible to get out of poverty and become self-sufficient again, despite their false claims to the contrary.