The catcalling video…and if women catcalled men…

A woman walked around NYC for ten hours, and videotaped all the catcalls she received.  Some of it I would just blow off, like “have a nice evening”– but perhaps that  is to my own demise?  Because it seems that you give a man any response at all, and he takes that as an invitation to invade your space and that you want to go to bed with him.  This is serious because what you see in the video is, again, representative of our culture’s view of women — objects to do stuff to instead of human beings that require respect and recognition of their autonomy.

The guy walking beside her was intimidating.  Men don’t see it that way, but it is indeed a nonverbal way of telling her that he is in charge and he can do what he wants.

Note that she is wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans.  The common theme to blame women is to say that she dressed provocatively, and therefore, she “deserved it”.  What say you now?

I found a video by buzzfeed that turns the tables.  I burst out laughing at  “Um, baby, I bet you have a job with some health insurance!”

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