Taking apart the TPP Trade agreement proposal

Dave Johnson has this report on the Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP and what is really behind the Obama curtain.

Allowing corporations to sue if someone interferes with profits is just insanity.  As the report states, the tobacco companies have sued when they were advocating for people’s health.  The same can be said for Monsanto, Dow, Big Pharma, Big Oil, and on.


In other words, he is saying that the U.S. has been an absolute and complete patsy on trade. And obviously we have been paying the price. Our government hasn’t enforced trade balance and hasn’t protected American interests, which has cost us wages, jobs, factories and entire industries. We have an enormous, humongous trade deficit and that has lowered our standard of living, and driven inequality. Trade agreements haven’t fixed this — recent trade agreements like NAFTA and South Korea have worsened this problem, with more job loss and even larger trade deficits.


And I don’t get the secrecy.  I have never seen anything good come out of someone hiding something behind their back.  It’s funny how the government feels quite comfortable prying into innocent people’s private lives…saying if we have done nothing wrong, then we shouldn’t be protesting…but whoa, when we ask the same of our government – suddenly it’s none of our business what our public officials are doing.

Here in the Midwest, we’re still waiting to see all the great promises of NAFTA.

What we’ve seen instead are factories closing and going overseas, or to Canada, or to Mexico.

We’ve seen our wages stagnate, and even worse, be lowered than ten years ago.


They’re again saying “trade is good” to divert us from seeing that only five of the 29 chapters of TPP are even about trade at all. The rest is about getting democratic government off the backs of the giant multinational corporations and protecting them from competition.


…and there’s the gist of it all.  Allowing corporations to pollute, pay poverty wages, destroy free speech, deny civil rights, deny autonomy through destroying local control with local governments, and on…

And I don’t buy the argument that 97 percent of exporters are small businesses.  I just don’t.  I question that because small businesses don’t have the financial nor political influence that big corporations do.


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