Bill Gates in Washington State: Mayoral Control and Charter Schools

It is not surprising that Bill Gates is denying what he is doing is throwing money around to promote Common Core. What’s surprising is that people don’t question him or his motives. He built Microsoft on dishonest wheeling and dealing by blocking fair competition from better made software that didn’t crash all the time. Don’t forget that he has bought enough shares of Monsanto corporation to influence it and the Doomsday seed vault, and geoengineering. To say this guy is unethical and scary is an understatement.

Seattle Education

With a blanket permission by Anthony Cody to repost his work:


The cities where our foundation has put the most money in is where there’s a single person responsible. In New York, Chicago and Washington, DC, the mayor has responsibility for the school system. So instead of having a committee of people, you have that one person. And that’s where we’ve seen the willingness to take on some of the older practices and try new things, and we’ve seen very good results in all three of those cities.

Bil Gates

Bill Gates Claims Foundation Does R & D Only, Stays Out of “Political Process”

Bill Gates sounded surprisingly defensive when asked about the Gates Foundation’s work in education, in a video interview made available this week by the Wall Street Journal. His statement suggests he is unaware of much of what his money is buying in the field of education…

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