Another side of destructive oil industry: killing wolves

Warrior Publications has this up on the Canadian government’s killing of wolves.  They have been demonized throughout the years after the European invasion of both the United States and Canada.  They don’t deserve the reputations that opposing forces have created.  The recent article on deer populations exploding here is partly due to the killing of wolves, their natural predator.  As the wolf packs were demolished, the deer population exploded.  Nature has a balance system, and that balance has been put out of whack.  I mean, it makes no sense to me that we kill wolves because they cause problems, and then start killing the deer because they cause problems by eating farm produce or destroy forest vegetation by their overpopulation…we like to think of ourselves as humane, but in the end, we are even more heartless, as the strychnine, noose, and shooting from a helicopter bear witness.

In addition to this piece, I went to look up Neil Young’s piece on Canada and the video that showed the destruction of the deer habitats — the rich forest land being turned into barren patches of dirt.  The visual is just incredible.  But I also found the following video where Neil Young talks about the passion behind his protests against the destruction by the oil companies:

Here is the video Neil Young that shows the destruction of the earth:

If we’re so smart, why can’t we figure out how to work with nature instead of trying to destroy it?  Nature supports all of life on Earth, and in the end, nature will take care of us pests (humans) once and for all.  Nature can survive without us, but we cannot survive without nature.   We have got to be the stupidest beings on the planet to destroy our own source of life.


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