Bird populations in steep decline

Rachel Carson could have written the headline herself, as she predicted this decades ago after the beginning of the chemical age.  Note that neonicotinoids have also been indicated in declining bee populations.

Cornell University has this up on the decline of birds.  Farmer’s Almanac has a forum for us bird watchers, and the news is not good.

Although we have  an active bird feeder here, I think it is an anomaly.  We’re near a river and lots of trees, and I think that makes a huge difference.  I spotted a red-tailed hawk and also a blackhawk coming around for food.  I had the feeder outside my window so I could watch the birds at close range.  However, it also made them easier targets for the hawks, so I moved the feeder closer to evergreens that provided a shelter for them.  It meant that I didn’t get to watch them as closely, but it gave them a chance against being a hawk’s dinner.

Although I have seen black-capped chickadees, apparently they are among the birds in decline.  😦


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