The stolen bike

Jessica Ciencin Henriquez has written a story on her stolen bike…and the unexpected turn of events when she caught up with the persons whom had stolen it.

The policeman’s attitude was the same that I experienced when my stuff was stolen out of the storage unit.  I asked the same question of whether it would be found.  He had the same dismissive attitude that it was unlikely that it would be found,I even gave him the names of two high school students whom helped me move everything to the unit.    My sister and my son were the only ones outside of the h.s. students who knew the unit number.  The way that I was cleaned out HAD to have been by someone who knew what was there and what they were looking for– my $1200 Gateway computer and $800 Pioneer stereo, plus other stuff they thought they could sell, apparently.

Like Jessica, I went around trying to get the word out — pawn shops within a 40-mile radius.  I even put an ad in the local newspaper asking for information and naming a few of the items taken.  I didn’t have the good luck she did in finding my stuff.  I’m a little naive in that Craig’s list didn’t even cross my mind.  I’m not sure that it was even in existence at that time.

When I called the police officer and asked if he had followed up on my lead with the h.s. students, he said that he had called one of the boys’ fathers and asked if “any of this stuff turned up at your place.”  He couldn’t even be bothered to go check it out himself…he just called and asked politely.  Unbelievable.   And I strongly suspect that my Gateway ended up in a computer resell place…located a block away from the police station.  Pfft.

I’m glad things worked out for Jessica and that she heard the other side of the story.  For me, however, I suspect that drugs were the reason my stuff was stolen and probably re-sold.  Meth is a huge problem here.


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