Daughter shaken while infant, dies at 15

What an unnecessary tragedy.  My first question is…why was the father walking around free?  The next question is…in the comments, a mother of a daughter that was also violently shaken by her father commented that her daughter was able to recover somewhat, by surgery.  Is this surgery not available to all shaken babies?  Is it a matter of who has money or insurance?

And while reading the comments, there was this poignant one:

  • Juliana 

    I worked at a state facility for over six years one of the teenage boys I took care of was there due to being shaken when he was three months old. I took care of him daily understanding we would never know what if anything he was able to understand. His beautiful blue eyes held so much promise; his smiles would light up a room. When he turned 16 a man showed up on our dorm and requested to see him; in all the years working with this child no one had ever so much as called to inquire as to his well being. This man was let on the dorm after identifying himself as a family member I found it odd that he would only say he was family and since they had the same last name I think it was assumed he was an uncle or cousin. He sat next to this gorgeous young man and stared at him with a lost look in his eye and eventually we witnessed him crying. I finally got up the courage to inquire as to how he was related and why he had never been to see him before. This man admitted to having just got out of prison after serving 13 years; it did not take long to figure out that this was the same man who put this child here. He quietly got up and decided to leave before he left he told us he would not be returning as he felt once law enforcement found out he had visited this child he may be in trouble. My sweet young man did not recognize him or seem too interested in this person; I have always wondered what happened to this man I know he realized the extent of his crime when he saw what his shaking this child had done. I like to think that this man straightened his life out and perhaps is helping others somewhere. As for this gorgeous young man we lost him at the age of 18 due to health complications; he left me with a sense of meaning and I was proud to have been one of the people in his short life who got to see the beauty of this child. I have three boys of my own and could not imagine hurting them. Prayers for this family and the journey they will take now to heal.

Perhaps every high school boy should be taken to a facility where they can see the results of shaking a baby to help them understand just how forceful it is and the damage it can do?
And as a side note ~ she is an example of the kind and compassionate folks who staff state hospitals and other care facilities…just wanted to point that out since there are so many who paint all staff as Nurse Ratchetts.  There are bad apples in every profession, for sure, but from my own experience, it was just a handful, while the majority were there because they cared.


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