Campbell Brown: The Great Mother speaks

raginghorseblog has this up on Campbell Brown’s continued assault on public education, via false accusations against public school teachers.  Note the connection to the Koch brothers.

Campbell, we are meant to believe, is motivated by love. Love of children. Love of justice. Love of all things excepting due process which, once removed, somehow will place a great teacher in every classroom in the land. Campbell is moved to action by the “extreme inequality” she perceives in New York public schools — but not at all at the ever more extreme inequality of wealth and income — even as her own children attend private schools. Somehow Campbell sees no link between a “failing school “ and a third world economy worsened by insane rents, non-existing jobs and an average wage that has been frozen for 30 some years. And you can rest assured no employee of the Koch brothers is going to remind her of any of that.

Campbell lies as sweetly and sincerely about teachers and is as selective with her anecdotes as she did when she was fronting the Parent Transparency Group.


I seriously don’t know how she sleeps at night.  Only a sociopath would be able to lie through the teeth to destroy teachers and public education…for money.


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