The corruption under our noses…

A really good piece that compiles all the different aspects of influence in Washington.  Be sure to click on the Boston Globe link — War for Sale to the highest bidder.  It is just mindboggling that the U.S. Generals in charge of keeping foreign governments from stealing our technology are turning around and helping to sell arms to foreign countries when they retire from service.

The feeder system from some commands to certain defense firms is so powerful that successive generations of commanders have been hired by the same firms or into the same field. For example, the last seven generals and admirals who worked as Department of Defense gatekeepers for international arms sales are now helping military contractors sell weapons and defense technology overseas.


Representative Joe Sestak of Pennsylvania, a retired three-star admiral, said that when he was in uniform he saw firsthand the influence retired admirals have when they are brought in to advise the Navy.

“Rank did mean something. The principal guy in the room really drove the thing. There is a hesitancy to question them,’’ he said. “If there isn’t transparency or knowledge of who they are working for when they are advising the Pentagon, you are building a military that is not all it can be.’’


Does anyone have any ethics or morals, anymore?


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