Gratitude ***edited again

So, we’ve had a bit of a cold spell, with some nights getting to 9 below zero…brrr.  And I hadn’t used my car, of course, with nowhere to go, so I was apprehensive that it wouldn’t start after sitting for a week.  I was delighted when it did start right up with just a little hesitation.

Another week goes by, and I’m still leery because the poor thing is eighteen years old and with no funds to keep it well maintained…well, let’s just say that I’m grateful every time it starts.

The new battery does seem to be working. Yay!  The old battery? No way.  The car wouldn’t start when it was ten above zero.  So I have to give credit where it is due — NAPA.  Except for the period of the last couple years, I have had NAPA batteries for about twenty years or so.  They guaranteed the battery and would replace it for free if it failed in the first eighteen months, and after that, they would pro-rate it according to its age.  I’ve only had one time that the battery failed, and they did replace it.  So, yeah, giving them a plug, and no, I don’t own any NAPA stock nor do I get any financial reimbursement from them.

And the Michelin tires are once again getting me through drifts and ice and all that winter brings.  I could just do a dance when I make it home safe! 🙂

Today, I got a special treat when I ventured out — I was on the highway when something high up in a tree caught my eye.  A hawk? No, this bird was huge with a white breast.  An eagle!  No, a pair of eagles!  Awesome.  I had heard that one was making a nest near the river, but only caught a glimpse of a young eagle swooping over the bridge near the river. **actually, it might be an osprey –the only eagle with a white belly is in Africa…yeah, no waaay it is going to be here! Ha.

***edited again:  okay, further investigation, and this page’s author states that eagles with decreased pigmentation can have white breasts.  That is not a good sign of health.  I’m hoping that it was an osprey or a huge hawk I saw.

I’ve also been seeing a crane that positions itself in between the four lane highway.  I was worried about it because it stayed here instead of going farther south.  I hope that it took off before the 9 below (-25 wind chill) got here.

Just being grateful for the “little” gifts….:)


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