Message: Women and Children don’t matter…

That’s my take from the horrible story of a father throwing his five year old daughter off a bridge.  The police were called repeatedly to the home for domestic violence.  This man should have never had custody of the child.  The mother was not able to care for her, either.  Sadly, she did not get the assistance from the agencies that are set up for this.  And before you blame the people in the agencies, the Koch brothers/ ALEC legislative agenda doesn’t include protection for women and children, so those services are the first to be cut when governors want to make it appear they are being fiscally responsible….

…saving those tax dollerz…

…and sacrificing women and children to do it.

Over and over again, we see domestic violence as a predictor of future violence.  Why is it STILL treated as if it were just a spat between spouses/partners??  Repeated calls about it were huge red flags that this guy was not owning his violence and anger.  He most likely blamed the wife, the kids, the in-laws, the boss…and on.  Everyone else but himself.  And until that happens– until he acknowledges that he is responsible for his own behavior –he will continue to act out in violent ways when angry.

And this goes for rapists, too.  It is astounding that rapists who are put away for seven or so years, come out and go right back to raping women.  Even more violently.  Why are they allowed out to begin with?

Bill Cosby springs to mind.  Here we have a man whom allegedly raped women over and over again for decades.  And people ask why the victims didn’t come forward before now.  All one has to do is look at the scrutiny they are receiving:  they are doing it for financial gain; they are doing it for the attention; they are doing it to get back at Cosby for something he did.   Their motives and lives are being gone over with a fine tooth comb and any, and I do mean ANY little thing that makes them out to be less than perfect will be reason to doubt EVERYTHING they have claimed.

And Phylicia Rashad, saying to “forget those women” in reference to the accusers.  Don’t get me started.  It never ceases to amaze me how women can be just as hateful towards other women.  Women can be misogynists, too.  Rashad claimed these women were hurting the “legacy” of Cosby.

No, Phylicia, Cosby did that all by himself when he allegedly drugged and raped these women.  Forget them?  Forget you.


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