Food or Weed?

I had a treat this morning by looking out the window to see a female Cardinal eating the berries from what others would call a “weed” — Pokeweed.  The berries have dried up after a long summer’s growth and the cardinal was happily nibbling on them.

The pokeweed is not something to trifle with – it can be poisonous if it is not cooked properly.  This page states that if one wants to consume it, that it must be boiled twice with fresh water each time.  And one can eat the leaves – but only if it is new in the Spring, because poisons develop as it matures.

We also consider the dandelion to be a weed, but it is a healthy food that indicated in fighting cancer.  The Native Americans use it in the Spring as a detoxer. It’s packed with Vitamin A — more than a carrot!

I think we need to re-think the idea of “weeds” and look at the healing properties of plants instead of whether they “look pretty”.


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