Reach Up And Scratch The Sky

Chemtrails. Oh, I’m sorry, GeoEngineering (see, it sounds soooo much better when you put a scientific spin on poisoning people with aluminum, strontium, etc.) How can you tell it’s chemtrails? Look at how they start spreading outwards. This is not a contrail, which is a normal exhaust of planes.

City Jackdaw


photograph by Drou Petrides

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2 thoughts on “Reach Up And Scratch The Sky

  1. Many different factors at play here.. Altitude, temperature, wind direction, air pressure.

    I would not classify these chemtrails. Contrails do spread/disappear/change direction. And if you are a firm believer of chemtrails, you would realize that the patterns here are not well coordinated and would be a poor attempt from the engineers at producing an effective chemtrail.

    • (This is a repeat of an answer at CityJackdaw’s site):

      I’m sorry, but I disagree. I have been watching the skies and planes since a little one and I have never seen contrails spread like those above. The crisscross pattern is typical of chemtrails. And as far as my “believing” in chemtrails/geoengineering, it is a known fact. Not in dispute anymore as they were outed with the knowledge that Hughes Aircraft obtained a patent for this very thing in the 90s. There are a couple of “scientists” whom have decided they are God and they will control the weather — one of them was featured on Stephen Colbert’s show. There are corporations now trying to make a profit off of geoengineering. So there is no dispute of their existence. In my view, the dispute is who decided to play God and how is it ethical to mess with the weather?

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