Happy Birthday, Terry Kath

Terry Kath was the lead guitarist for Chicago Transit Authority, or just Chicago now, as they were sued by the real Chicago Transit Authority for using the name. Ha.

Today is his birthday, and his daughter has put together a website devoted to him and has made a 1969 recording available that showcased Terry’s talent.   This brings back the freedom of the 60s and how bands like Chicago were more laidback and just went with the flow, wherever that took them.

From the email:

Listen to some music:
“As we head into the celebrations of Terry’s life and accomplishments, I wanted to share one of the premiere recordings of a performance that is quintessential early Chicago. The August 17th, 1969 Fillmore West show is filled with Terry’s consummate, jaw-dropping guitar work. This is Terry at his best….”Liberation” is breathtaking in this one.”

-Nanette Haynes (Terry Kath Fan Group)
Live at Fillmore West 1969

Photos: Abandoned Tuberculosis hospital

Back in the day, tuberculosis was deadly and incurable.  People were sent to “asylums” to live out their days.  When I look at the photos here, I don’t see the abandoned hospital, but I see how it must have looked when built:  state-of-the-art, with a beautiful dome and windows and grounds.  These were times where the sick were given a place to go to recover (or live until death)….you know, when we gave a sh*t about them.

I found this passage on the wiki page interesting:


Tuberculosis is closely linked to both overcrowding and malnutrition, making it one of the principal diseases of poverty.[8] Those at high risk thus include: people who inject illicit drugs, inhabitants and employees of locales where vulnerable people gather (e.g. prisons and homeless shelters), medically underprivileged and resource-poor communities, high-risk ethnic minorities, children in close contact with high-risk category patients, and health-care providers serving these patients.[36]


Diet is not mentioned, as in how eating chemically raised food damages the immune system, making one more vulnerable to disease. Even if one eats what is considered a balanced diet, one can still be malnourished if the gut is not able to digest and absorb the nutrients.  This is the case when the gut is damaged by gluten, chemicals, and GMO’s.

When it mentions the poor, homeless, and prison populations, it doesn’t advocate growing organic food at prisons or access to acreage for homeless shelters to grow their own organic food….

And we know from the ebola disease called the “nurse killer” that healthcare workers are not given the resources they need to protect themselves and their patients from transmission.  One can only wonder how many Ebola cases were from nurses transferring the germs to other patients.  And that is not in any way a condemnation of the nurses–they were not given the proper equipment to protect themselves and prevent further transference of the germs.

…and the vaccine madness continues…

The vaccine push continues even when a child dies…

…okay, so the drug pushers are saying that if you get a vaccine, you’ll be protected from the very thing that killed Keira:  pnuemonia and other flu complications.  But that wasn’t the case, was it??

And the one thing you will NEVER hear is that the vaccine itself probably damaged her gut and therefore weakened her immune system, because the gut is where the immune system begins.  You also won’t hear of a possible connection to GMO’s and her weakened immune system.

Her death will be in vain because no one will pushback on the vaccine pushers.

The catcalling video…and if women catcalled men…

A woman walked around NYC for ten hours, and videotaped all the catcalls she received.  Some of it I would just blow off, like “have a nice evening”– but perhaps that  is to my own demise?  Because it seems that you give a man any response at all, and he takes that as an invitation to invade your space and that you want to go to bed with him.  This is serious because what you see in the video is, again, representative of our culture’s view of women — objects to do stuff to instead of human beings that require respect and recognition of their autonomy.

The guy walking beside her was intimidating.  Men don’t see it that way, but it is indeed a nonverbal way of telling her that he is in charge and he can do what he wants.

Note that she is wearing a plain t-shirt and jeans.  The common theme to blame women is to say that she dressed provocatively, and therefore, she “deserved it”.  What say you now?

I found a video by buzzfeed that turns the tables.  I burst out laughing at  “Um, baby, I bet you have a job with some health insurance!”

The Other XL: Enbridge line 61 **edited

PRWatch also has a piece on the other pipeline – Enbridge’s line 61.  Enbridge is especially troubling because of the Kalamazoo spill and its line crosses into Indiana – right alongside Lake Michigan (which BP is already polluting with two pounds of mercury discharge every freaking year) – talk about a perfect storm — mercury that permanently makes water undrinkable and toxic oil sludge.

**edited to add:  Enbrdige suing them also ties in with the previous post on TPP — this is exactly what they were talking about with corporations suing over someone interfering with their profits – regardless of how they impact the publics’ health or the health of the Earth, water, and wildlife.

The Kochs’ Liars Club

PRWatch has this up on the funny accounting practices of the Koch brothers.


Another group in the Koch network, the 60 Plus Association, spent around $18 million in the 2012 election year, but told the IRS that only $35,000 of that total had anything to do with electoral politics. Similarly, American Commitment spent $11.5 million in 2012, but told the IRS it spent only $1.86 million on elections. Wisconsin Club for Growth told the IRS that it spent $0 on elections in 2011 and 2012, despite spending $9.1 million on Wisconsin’s recall elections and working closely with Scott Walker’s campaign; the Center for Media and Democracy filed a complaint against the group last year.

Most of the groups in the ever-expanding Koch universe are nonprofits organized under Section 501(c)(4) of the tax code, whose primary activity is supposed to be “social welfare” rather than electoral politics. In turn, these nonprofits are allowed to keep their donors secret.

– See more at: http://www.prwatch.org/NODE/12717#sthash.MSFrrUUH.dpuf


…and this is why the rightwing groups were throwing such hissy fits (sp?) about the IRS investigating multiple 501(c)(4) groups.  The Kochs, et al, have figured out that they can essentially “launder” money through them by appearing to be about social welfare.  And the Kochs were relying on the fact that the IRS has suffered cuts interfering with their ability to investigate fraud…hoping that they would be able to get away with it.

PRWatch also has this up on Joni Ernst’s connection to the Koch machine.  You drop in some quarters and junk comes out….(sorry, couldn’t help myself)
…and by the way, Joni, I also wore bread bags on my shoes as many of us did in those days before being humiliated for not wearing proper boots.  My parents grew up in the Depression, and wearing bread wrappers was the thing to do.  I see no shame in that.  The shame is wearing a pair of boots for one season and then tossing them into the landfills.
Obama will also call for raising the capital gains tax from 20% to 28%, a policy that would primarily affect the wealthy few ALEC has called for abolishing the tax altogether. – See more at: http://www.prwatch.org/news/2015/01/12713/koch-party-delivers-sotu-response#sthash.3GuFBRPO.dpuf
Just a reminder, folks, that the capital gains tax is a tax on just the profits off of capital gains (like when making money on the stock market – you only pay on the profits, not the amount you put in nor on any losses, which one can also claim as a loss on tax returns).
But capital gains is just a drop in the bucket – here are the 2014 tax tables.
What do you see?  I see people making $3,000 for all of last year being TAXED.  You scratched out a few dollars, and Congress has decided you should pay $303 in taxes.  Good Lord.  There was a time in a faraway land where people weren’t taxed until they surpassed $10,000 (if I recall correctly).
I’ve made no secret of my pay – $8.50 an hour for a position that required computer work and the ability to work with InDesign, a technical program that not everyone can do.
So, after the deduction, my total income came to $4,911.
And…my tax is…wait for it….$493 freaking dollars.  I was counting on that money to see me through until I get another position …or here’s a crazy thought…gas money for either looking for a job or going back to school.
But wait, there’s more!!
Scroll down to those making $40,000 (25% approx. of what I made last year)…so their tax burden is going to be much more, right?
Wrong.  My burden is 10% of my income – a whopping amount.  The burden for someone making four times as much is only 12% – which is only 2% more than I am.
And further down the page, someone making $80,000 is only paying 20% of their income towards taxes.
This is significant because until one reaches a certain point of self-sufficiency, around $30,000, they cannot afford to pay such high taxes.  They are in survival mode and it is unconscionable that anyone beneath $20,000 is taxed at all.

Taking apart the TPP Trade agreement proposal

Dave Johnson has this report on the Trans Pacific Partnership, or TPP and what is really behind the Obama curtain.

Allowing corporations to sue if someone interferes with profits is just insanity.  As the report states, the tobacco companies have sued when they were advocating for people’s health.  The same can be said for Monsanto, Dow, Big Pharma, Big Oil, and on.


In other words, he is saying that the U.S. has been an absolute and complete patsy on trade. And obviously we have been paying the price. Our government hasn’t enforced trade balance and hasn’t protected American interests, which has cost us wages, jobs, factories and entire industries. We have an enormous, humongous trade deficit and that has lowered our standard of living, and driven inequality. Trade agreements haven’t fixed this — recent trade agreements like NAFTA and South Korea have worsened this problem, with more job loss and even larger trade deficits.


And I don’t get the secrecy.  I have never seen anything good come out of someone hiding something behind their back.  It’s funny how the government feels quite comfortable prying into innocent people’s private lives…saying if we have done nothing wrong, then we shouldn’t be protesting…but whoa, when we ask the same of our government – suddenly it’s none of our business what our public officials are doing.

Here in the Midwest, we’re still waiting to see all the great promises of NAFTA.

What we’ve seen instead are factories closing and going overseas, or to Canada, or to Mexico.

We’ve seen our wages stagnate, and even worse, be lowered than ten years ago.


They’re again saying “trade is good” to divert us from seeing that only five of the 29 chapters of TPP are even about trade at all. The rest is about getting democratic government off the backs of the giant multinational corporations and protecting them from competition.


…and there’s the gist of it all.  Allowing corporations to pollute, pay poverty wages, destroy free speech, deny civil rights, deny autonomy through destroying local control with local governments, and on…

And I don’t buy the argument that 97 percent of exporters are small businesses.  I just don’t.  I question that because small businesses don’t have the financial nor political influence that big corporations do.