NSA spying on spouses, girlfriends, etc.

I wish I could say I was surprised to read this, but no.  I really don’t know how this possibility was ignored by Congress when they enabled NSA and DHS to pry into innocent Americans’ private lives.  It’s like there was a collective passiveness about allowing them free reign to do as they please.

Well, ladies, how do you feel now that this surveillance includes following you around wherever you go??

Good God.  If you are that insecure about the relationship, break it off.  Because it’s over once the trust is gone.

And it’s been my experience that the one who is accusing the other of infidelity is actually the one committing it.  Or the one *thinking* about committing it, i.e., a roving eye.

This is just abominable.  An incredible violation of women’s rights.  And another example of entitlement – I have a right to violate her rights because she is MINE.

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