I am not a cloud over anyone’s head. I am a human being targeted as a victim by a political thug.

Rahm Emanuel…following the Mitch Daniels’ playbook of appointing your own toadies to legitimize unethical, immoral actions.

Reclaim Reform

Q – What kind of powerful person would decree that billions of earned dollars will be handed over to the financial industry and be free of oversight and declared exempt from ethics rules and regulations?

A – Rahm Emanuel, Democratic Mayor of Chicago. However, “what kind of person” still needs to be answered by the reader.

Why would he do this?

Mayor Emanuel’s own Ethics Commission openly revealed that the decision was designed “to attempt to ensure that no ethical clouds are hanging over any candidate’s head.” (Any candidate means Rahm.)

cloud over my head

My initial response is to remind everyone that I am not a cloud over Rahm’s political head. My income and the incomes of thousands of retirees are needed to pay for food, clothing and other necessities. We, as hard-working human beings, earned it and saved it over decades.

“Brushing off the lawmakers’ complaint about Emanuel’s donations from the financial…

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