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reblogging this — a man’s view on violence and rape towards women. He mentions the frat mindset of denigrating women and UVA comes to mind –although it is any campus, U.S.A. –and how they are once again questioning the validity of the victim’s claims, saying she had confused some facts. Well, when you’re given a drug that knocks you out, it is pretty damn strong neurological drug. Therefore, it would be harder to recall details and get confused. I don’t doubt that this woman was raped. And once again, women are made to be the problem instead of a frat system that relishes misogyny.

***Edited to add:  I find it highly ironic that this site is named after George Clooney.  In my opinion, he is not a feminist, and is disrespectful towards women.


Continuing along the thoughts on Friday’s blog~~~

I don’t mind telling you that this blog brought tears to my eyes. Really stunning to read such honesty and depth.  And he’s not gay! (meaning that, as Patrick states, most gay guys “get” women and their perspective, but straight guys, especially straight white guys don’t.)

From the interview:

Growing up in my house, feminism was actually a positive word. My mother, who is a strong woman, has always identified as a feminist. Despite this fact, she found herself being mistreated by my father. This just goes to show that even strong women — even feminist-identified women — can find themselves involved with men who treat them badly.


This was so powerful…because in the finger-pointing department, when blame is being handed out, it’s always the woman’s fault if she is mistreated.

This, too, was powerful:

Seeing the way she was treated…

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