Why news is suffering…

Brian Williams just renewed his contract with NBC….rumored to be $10 million per year for five years.

And this, my friends, is why news is suffering– the stations have to pull in some heavy hitters to pay that whopping salary, so that is why you have 4 or 5 Big Pharma commercials during a news broadcast–and you hear zero on the controversy of vaccines, serious side effects for their drugs, etc.  Best news money can buy.

You also have those under him making much less, and the newbies, I’m guessing, are on food stamps because they can’t make it on their salary, and the company looks the other way, a la Walmart.

This also means that news coverage is limited by how much is left in the budget after they pay that whopping salary….my guess is that the news would be better, more in-depth if resources weren’t dragged away by Brian Williams’ ego being massaged by that paycheck.

And when you’re of the 1%, it’s highly unlikely you’re going to take a good, long look at what is happening in this country with the wage gap and the 99%. .  Hard to be critical of your own greed.

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