Is @TeachForAmerica Cloaking Inequity?: Discussing the Headwind

Cloaking Inequity

After several decades, Teach For America, a program that sends inexperienced teachers (typically only 5 weeks of summer training) before they are shipped off to teach on a temporary basis (primarily) in America’s toughest schools, is facing some headwind. Alumni are increasingly speaking out against the organization, many of whom who joined Teach For America with the right intentions. I suspect the high turnover at Teach For America’s internal administrative offices may also be related to similar epiphanies, but this I cannot confirm. For the last 8 years, I have taken calls from reporters who have puff pieces headed for print that extolled the virtues and soaring rhetoric of Teach For America— even more so at the start of each school year. I first received these calls because of a 2005 peer reviewed piece entitled Does teacher preparation matter? evidence about teacher certification, teach for america, and teacher effectiveness examining the effectiveness of…

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