GRAPHIC CONTENT: Nicolino Camardi admits torturing and killing dog and cat

Evil. Just plain evil. He should never walk free again. Cruelty to animals is only the beginning of his depravity.

Global News

ABOVE: GRAPHIC CONTENT WARNING – viewer discretion is advised.
A Calgary man has now admitted to the torture and killing of a dog and cat. Nancy Hixt reports.

CALGARY- The Calgary man accused in a shocking pair of animal abuse incidents has pleaded guilty to two animal cruelty charges for torturing and killing a dog and cat.

In January, the bodies of both a dog and a cat were discovered in southeast alleyways in separate incidents, sparking a massive public effort to find the person responsible. The dog had starved to death and was found with its mouth taped shut while the cat was found with a string around its neck.

Graphic details were read in court Friday about what Nicolino Camardi did to the two animals. Global News has decided to report some of the details in order to shed light on the nature of the crime as well…

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